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About Us

Shop Mountain View is a collaboration between the Mountain View Voice, the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce, Hometown Peninsula and the City of Mountain View.

Its goal is to help connect local residents with local businesses, and to promote the value of independent and locally-owned businesses.

When people shop in local stores or use local service-providers they are helping to maintain the vitality and diversity of our community, employ local people and keep tax dollars local so they can help fund the infrastructure, projects, schools and other essential services that we all use and help us build a stronger Mountain View.

Most of the features on Shop Mountain View are free to any business with a physical location in Mountain View. Simply click on "Add Business" and follow the simple instructions. Once you've claimed your business, you can write and update your profile, upload photos, post items for sale, create coupon offers, send out newsletters, respond to consumer reviews....and lots more.

Consumers can search for and explore the business listings, take advantage of special offers, post opinions about the stores they patronize or services they use, and post photos and other information.

We want Shop Mountain View to be fun and useful, so send us your comments and ideas to


Did You Know?

Small businesses are the heart of our economy and continue to drive the 'real economy'.

Here are some statistics about small business you may or may not know:

  • They employ just over half of the country‚Äôs private sector workforce
  • Just two percent of small businesses are franchises
  • Generate a majority of the innovations that come from United States companies 

Source: U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, September 2009


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